Executive Director - Current Need

Arctic Barnabas is currently searching for a new Executive Director.

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Matt & Ali Barnes
Paul and Sara Hadfield
Paul & Sara Hadfield
Conrad & MarJean Peters
Conrad & MarJean Peters
Rob & Kristi Dillingham
Mike & Ranada Hassemer
Jeffery and Bethany Spang
Jeffrey & Bethany Spang
Mark and Rose Mowery
Mark & Rose Mowery
David & Linda Flamm
Ted and Marilyn Franke
Ted & Marilyn Franke
Ron and Jean Paull - Thumbnail
Ron & Jean Paull

Associate Staff

Terry and Gloria Dilley
Terry & Gloria Dilley
Al & Judy Nelson
Al & Judy Nelson
 Bill & Susan Wilkinson
Dori_Hagen Thumbnail
Dori Hagen
Gary and Margo Posenjak
Gary & Margo Posenjak
Jim and Terri Hibbard
Jim & Terri Hibbard
Vince and Marylil Spady
Vince & Marylil Spady

Administrative Staff

Karen Kaiser
Brenda Chamness
Brenda Chamness
Debi Van Sickle
Debi Van Sickle

Board of Directors

Tim Van Sickle - Chairman

Jacque Wilder - Secretary

Peter Brautigam - Vice Chairman

Bill Burgess

Ward Hurlburt IV

Gary Lidholm - Treasurer

Jon Taylor

Dave Wilder