Help Prevent Summer Slump

Get set for some great news! Already this year, Arctic Barnabas visited 18 bush villages for ministry opportunities, made 60 face-to-face visits with ministry leaders, provided 2 retreats, hosted 20 ministry families for R & R at Light on the Hill Alaska and provided counseling services for fifteen leaders. We look forward to a busy

ABM’s Ministry to Ministry Women

Ministry women in Alaska often struggle more than the men. The rough challenge to hunt, fish, chop wood, and survive deep cold and darkness usually invigorates a man’s independent Alaskan spirit and connects him with like-minded men. A white missionary lady disembarks from a small aircraft in a new and different culture that stands back

Men, Guns, The Word and Bacon

GOD has poured His love into the hearts of Arctic Barnabas men, compelling them to reach out to those who bring the love of Christ to Alaska’s remote villages. Seeking to thwart the Enemy’s efforts to drive people into isolation and despair, Arctic Barnabas gathers men to stand together against enemy onslaughts. This past March anticipation ran high when many ministry men

In the Ditch with Jesus

Arctic Barnabas Ministries looks forward to the Fralics raising the needed support to join our full-time staff in ministry. Especially during support raising, families are challenged to trust and follow God’s lead. Read how a recent accident impacted Greg and Patty’s life. We chuckle about our order off the fifty-five plus menu at Denny’s as we

The Barnes Family

Arctic Barnabas Ministries currently has three families raising support to join our full-time staff in ministry. Support raising challenges a family to trust and follow God’s lead. The Barnes family recently passed the half-way point to their partnership goal. Here’s what Matt shares for his family in this process: Three years ago God showed Alicia and

New Director

Arctic Barnabas Ministries (ABM) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Executive Director to oversee its aviation support ministry operating from Kenai, Alaska. Jim Hamilton (58), currently the Executive Director of the Golden Triangle Baptist Network in Texas, will assume duties in late winter or early spring of 2017.  ABM Board Chairman, Tim