Ministry Amidst Transition

This week we get to hear from ABM staff missionary Rose Mowery as she shares about summer in Alaska, ministry and seasons of transition. Enjoy!   “Summer is an exciting time for ministry in Alaska.  During the long hours of daylight, most Alaskans try to fit in as much work as possible. This is true

4th of July

The Ministry of Pulpit Supply

Pastors serving in remote places such as bush Alaska rarely have support staff to fill in for them when they are away. When family needs or medical emergencies surface, they either try to find a qualified replacement, or they close up church until their return. Fortunately, several ABM staff have the training and skills necessary

Prevent Summer Slump!

School’s out in Alaska and folks are enjoying our beautiful Alaskan summer! No doubt you have planned some fun activities for your summer also. Amid summer’s         enjoyments, we find that unfortunately, financial support to ABM consistently drops.  This presents a challenge since summer is a busy ministry season for us. This summer we will take

Meet ABM Counselor Dori Hagen

Dear Readers, This week we have SUCH a treat for you. Hear straight from the heart of ABM staff missionary Conrad Peters as he courageously shares about life and polar bear plunges!_____________________________________________________________________ I remember back when I preached my first sermon at the ripe old age of seventeen. I knew a lot back then, much