Dear Readers, This week we have SUCH a treat for you. Hear straight from the heart of ABM staff missionary Conrad Peters as he courageously shares about life and polar bear plunges!_____________________________________________________________________ I remember back when I preached my first sermon at the ripe old age of seventeen. I knew a lot back then, much

Flying High, Digging Deep

Flying High, Digging Deep…I don’t think any other words could better describe our work and spiritual formation as missionaries. Earlier this month my husband and ABM missionary Pete Ekle was dropped off by bush plane to work for a week in a remote village. He was there to help a young ministry family begin building

To the Edge

Spring breakup offers ABM staff opportunities for more travel in and around remote Alaska. Recently, ABM staffers Pete and Betsy Ekle (seen above) and their kids took advantage of the budding spring weather and traveled out to the village of Dillingham to encourage Pastor Simon Flynn and his wife, Abigail (seen below). After a short plane

Spring in the Arctic

Dear Ministry Partners and Friends, As spring bursts across the American landscape, Alaska remains a Johnny-come-lately, taking its time to shed winter’s wardrobe. Even so, we celebrate the arrival of spring after another long, dark, cold Alaskan winter because springtime reminds us of Jesus who carries light into darkness, brings life out of death, and

ABM Staff Spotlight

Keeping up with the Hadfield Family… Sara and Paul Hadfield have served with ABM for five and a half years.  Paul is the aviation team leader.  When he’s not overseeing the ministry’s flight operations, he loves to spend time in the cockpit flying ABM staff or volunteers to and from villages and providing transportation for ministry families.  Paul

A Trustworthy God

A Message from ABM Executive Director, Jonathan Peters Psalm 145:13, NIV reads, “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations.  The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.” Dear Friends, What a fantastic and reassuring truth the Psalmist writes!  Our Lord’s kingdom had no