The Ministry of Service

How do pastors and missionaries remain in the challenging landscapes of the Arctic? One way is through a network of support they receive from outside resource ministries like Arctic Barnabas Ministries. Last month, ABM Missionary Pilot Rob Dillingham and a small team of volunteers flew to a village in western Alaska to serve a ministry family by helping them with the building of a

Fishing Season in Alaska!

After a fairly mild winter for Alaska, summer has arrived in the North.  With the warmer temperatures and the rivers once again flowing, the fish are coming—millions of them.  As Alaska residents, we are able to fish with large hooped nets and actually scoop the fish out of the river. Residents are allowed 25 fish
A medical emergency. Profound loss. Planned responsibilities.  The looming deadline to pack up their house.  Mold had infected the pastor’s home.  A mold remediation team was to arrive in eight days, and the family was still out of town.  When they arrived home, only three days remained to empty their residence for inspection and repair.

Springs of Joy, I See…

In May, ABM assisted a team of SEND missionaries with a training and orientation program for missionaries new to Alaska. At this recent Northern Ministry Training, a panel of elder missionaries was asked, “Looking back over your ministry, what are the successes, and what would you change?”  In unanimous agreement, the missionaries found their success

Why ABM, Why Pastor Care?

It’s Tough Out There! Approximately 100+ villages in the Arctic do not have an established Christian evangelical church, pastor or missionary presence. Many of these villages are only accessible by plane or boat and have few or no followers of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission is not complete in the Arctic! In response to this

What’s New?!

The end of a long winter means a new cycle of activity for Alaskan pastors and missionaries.  With the arrival of springtime come long-awaited outdoor activities, construction projects and possibly a visit from the staff of Arctic Barnabas! Just in the past month ABM staff have been out visiting and assisting Christian leaders in Galena, Port Alsworth, Huslia,