Arctic Barnabas Ministries

Sample Ministry Work Projects

Zone 3: Norton Sound

  • #301 Church has no drinking water and the bathroom needs a plumber. Need an electrician to update wiring. 4 people for wood splitting, painting, raised bed gardens and a greenhouse. Moving large rocks
  • #302 Parsonage needs front arctic entry rebuilt. Porches need rebuilt. Future parsonage need reroof. Parsonage and shop both need paint
  • #303 Needed house repairs which include painting,
    flooring, leveling foundation, build small deck with ramp and welding for framing inside front door. Another Conex for ministry bike shop and small appliance repair and lumber to level.
  • #304 Build parsonage from a Spenard Builders kit starting in July.

Zone 4: Interior

  • #401 A father/ son team or something like that would want to come and build log cabin construction in July. Ministry family could use help. = “My goal for this year is to build a 10x16 sauna and at least one tree house (think really high cache) of 8x8 house with a 4’ wide wraparound porch on 2 sides for a 12x12 footprint.
  • #402 Ministry family home needs two big skylights replaced. The earlier the better.

Zone 5: Road System

  • #501 New cabin build will need 3 exterior doors installed. Stain and chink both exterior and interior of log walls. Put up the ceiling and insulate.
  • #502 Radio station building in need of exterior painting. Smaller translator building that also needs painting. Roughly 15’ x 25’ single story building filled with electronics. have someone who has donated carpet to go on selected walls in one studio and a hallway for sound-deadening purposes… perhaps someone knows how to “lay carpet” on the wall!
  • #503 Bible camp multiple building projects
  • #505 50x100 building needs demolition in order to salvage lumber and roof metal, hopefully in time to get it on the barge this fall for a bible camp.
  • #506Clean/Tune-up Toyo Stoves and furnaces (I think - 4 toyos, 2 boilers, 1 furnace)

    Design, Build roof over porch at cabin

    Replace windows in two family homes

    Build kitchen island Build kitchen island upstairs at family home

    Build woodshed for ministry family

    Spread gravel & dirt at two family homes

  • #507Church Pastor has boiler issues. Needs inspection and repair

    Design, Build Awning over back deck & front door to protect from falling rain/snow on roof

    Relocation of pressure tank system in-home plumbing

  • #508 Miscellaneous projects for family = plumbing, carpentry etc. Help with existing home.

Zone 7: Bethel

  • #701 Village Church Remodel plumbers, electricians and carpenters needed.
  • #702 Christian Radio station Fire exit porch & stairs need constructed. Two/three people for about three days. Inspect and repair (or replace as needed) the sheetrock and "mudding" of exterior wall, then repaint. Repaint exterior of studio building = 2-4 people 2-3 days.

Zone 11: Bristol Bay/Kodiak

  • #1101 Church Exterior wall repair dig to expose exterior basement wall around 40’ x 80’ church building to expose and dry out for repair and then fill.
  • #1102 Help Ministry Family move into new cabin – 2-4 people needed to help with final preparations and moving family’s belongings.
  • #1103 Help Finish Cabin - construction and multiple other items needing completed before family can occupy new cabin.