Dori Hagen

For over twenty-five years Dori Hagen, MA LPC has lived in Alaska. The Wilkinsons (ABM associate staff) introduced Dori to Arctic Barnabas Ministries In the summer of 2014. Her missionary heart and love for travel and small airplanes drew her to pursue ABM. Arctic Barnabas brought her on as Associate Staff in January of 2015. 

Following God's call on her heart to serve people, Dori pursued a degree in Counseling through Liberty University. She earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology/Christian Counseling in May 2014 and a master's degree in Professional Counseling in May 2016. Through the State of Alaska in July 2018, she became a Licensed Professional Counselor. She also took specialized training as an EMDR therapy provider (evidence-based therapy to process trauma). Employed by Cornerstone Counseling Center, in Homer, Alaska, Dori works with individual adults, couples, and adolescents. Her special interests include anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, relationship issues, and faith/spiritual issues. She also works with individuals serving in faith-based ministries, specifically in remote areas of Alaska. 

Dori considers it an honor to serve those whom God sends. Her brothers serve in ministry, which puts a special place in her heart for others who actively minister to the lost and hurting. She realizes those in ministry wrestle with life just like everyone else. Her heart desires to offer a safe listening place of empathy and encouragement.

Dori always felt a love for God and people and wanted her whole life available to God for service. Due to various circumstances and personal choices, her journey consisted of rough terrain and dark places intermingled with brief periods of light. After she experienced the darkest place she ever knew, the light of God’s grace penetrated her heart. A friend told her she took the “scenic route” to get where she is today. After years of deep healing and absorbing God’s grace, He equipped and honored her to offer hope to those on difficult, dark, or confusing roads. 

Dori and her husband live in Homer, Alaska. She married a wonderful, supportive man who walks beside her as her friend. They share seven children and a slew of grandchildren.