Matt & Ali Barnes

Matt, Ali, Nehemiah, Manoah, Silas and Janice

Both Matt and Ali were blessed to grow up in loving godly homes where they were taught the Word of God and how to have a personal growing relationship with Him. At very young ages they accepted Christ as Lord of their lives. They met and married at Central Christian College of Kansas in McPherson, KS. College was a great experience for both of them, and with the training and discipling they received from teachers, their spiritual lives grew deeper in faith.

Shortly after married life began in 2005, Matt and Ali started to earnestly pursue full-time mission work, something they both felt called to. After several years of extra training, they joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2009 with the hope of serving as a missionary aviation family in Papua New Guinea.

Sadly, during this time of travel, training and fundraising Matt and Ali reached a spiritual low. In their tiredness they allowed themselves to become spiritually isolated and began to seek the comforts and entertainments of the world more than God. This led to hurting those around them and ultimately the realization that they were not ready to minister to others in the name of Jesus.

After resigning from Wycliffe in 2011, Matt and Ali moved back to central Kansas. There they took time to simply grow in Christ, confessing before those they had hurt their struggles and failures and receiving forgiveness. God worked in their hearts to restore Himself as their focus and help them pursue Him first and foremost.

The Lord opened their hearts again to full-time ministry and opened the doors for them to join Arctic Barnabas Ministries in 2015. This time they are happy to serve, realizing they can’t serve as perfect Christians but as redeemed believers serving a great God. To Him be the Glory.

Flying and airplanes have been a passion of Matt’s since childhood. He holds certificates as a private pilot, flight instructor, and aircraft mechanic. He spent two years running a maintenance shop for a landscaping company. Matt will be helping with general maintenance around ABM. As a family they hope to build relationships with pastors and missionaries in the Arctic and serve them in their villages.

Matt and Ali have been blessed with four children. Nehemiah loves books and facts. He is a great helper and very good big brother. Manoah is a deep thinker and animal lover. He loves figuring out how things work. Silas is always ready for an adventure. He loves playing outside and spends a good deal of personal time in prayer. Janice loves to make things and has a great interest in cooking. She truly appreciates her three big brothers.