Jim & Lisa Hamilton

Executive Director

Dr. Hamilton has led multi-million dollar faith-based nonprofits, served local churches as a lead pastor and interim, helped start new churches, and provided his expertise as a church consultant to numerous congregations.

Jim is a featured speaker at Christian conferences, a writer in Christian publications, and inspirational speaker for numerous faith-based organizations. He coaches ministry leaders in AK and around the globe.

Jim has impacted the business sector mentoring entrepreneurs, coaching executives, and consulting with companies around organizational development.

Dr. Hamilton has earned degrees from Wayland Baptist University, Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, and Bethany Divinity College and Seminary. Jim has been married to his high school sweetheart Lisa for almost 43 years. He’s dad to 5 grown children and “Papa” to 13 grand kids. Jim emphasized that Lisa is an important part of his ministry and can offer much spousal support to missionaries and pastors in bush communities.

Ministry Experience

Dr. Hamilton has more than 30 years of experience as a vocational minister serving in local churches and para-church organizations. Jim served as a pastor/planter in Alaska and Indiana for a total of 14 years. Early in his ministry he and Lisa were house parents for Baptist Children’s Homes for a total of 5 years.

Jim was Executive Director at Dakota Baptist Convention for 8 years, Executive Director for a 100+ church network in Southeast Texas for 4 years, and is now Executive Director at Arctic Barnabas Ministries in Kenai, Alaska.

Marketplace Experience

Dr. Hamilton has worked as a paid professional coach for 14+ years in the areas of executive, leadership and business coaching. As a consultant, Jim works with companies around organizational development.

Jim is a Birkman Certified Professional. He delivers the Birkman Method Assessment within organizations and companies to develop and enhance human capital.

Workshops Dr. Hamilton can present

Personal Development

Making Good Decisions: Learn the principles and process for effective decision-making.
Spiritual Stewardship: Discover how to have an intimate, daily walk with God.
Mastering the Art of Communication: Understand communication like never before and learn how to be an excellent communicator.
Disciple’s Journey: Re-imagine spiritual formation and map of how we move from “no birth” to maturity in Christ.
DiSC: Understanding how God made you by discovering your personality and how to live out of your strengths.

Professional Development

Managing Conflict: Strife to Synergy: Better understand and master the process for resolving conflict.
5 C’s of Great Leadership: Discover the five traits of great leaders.
Understanding Vision: A look at the visioning process as it unfolds in the book of Nehemiah.
Coaching 101: Learn how to coach people to help them move from where they are to where God wants them to be.
Developing Leaders Starts with Assessment: Learn how to use assessments as part of the leadership development process.
Leadership Expectations: Discover 5 basic expectations for leaders.

Organizational Development

Maximizing Ministry Teams: Build effective teams and experience better results.
Powerful Meetings: Learn how to make meetings valuable so people value meetings.
Process Coaching: A paradigm shift from programs to process.
Church Health Map: Learn how to “refocus” your church integrating attractional, missional, incarnational approaches.
Cultivating a Disciple-making Culture: Learn what a disciple-making culture looks like and the steps to create a disciple-making focus.
Developing a Disciple-making Strategy for Your Church: Discover the process of disciple-making and how to develop a plan.
Scaling Your Church: Learn the five stages of church development and how to get there.
Operating Principles and Consensus: Learn how to develop and implement guidelines for group interaction that minimize conflict and levels of consensus for decision making.
Creating a Leadership Development Pipeline: Learn the “why, what, who, where, when, and how” of developing a LDP.
Organizational Development: Learn how to create an infrastructure for a solid foundation to build on.
How to Develop and Unleash Your Nonprofit Board: For faith-based benefit organizations.