Kevin & Maicey Jobe


Kevin and Maicey Jobe joined Arctic Barnabas in January of 2022. Kevin is an aircraft
mechanic, a welder, a framer, and for most of his 20s owned a successful photography
business. Kevin received his mechanic training at Moody Aviation in Spokane WA, where he
also received Biblical training. He is a few credits shy of his bachelor’s, which he plans to
complete in the Spring of 2023.
Kevin is a husband and a dad with a love for all things outdoors. First and foremost though, he
is a disciple of Jesus. He and His wife Maicey both share a love for Christ and greatly desire for
others to experience the heart of God and to follow Him and his teachings. Both Kevin and
Maicey came to follow Christ at the same time while dating. Reading scripture together they
discovered a better way of life, and were later baptized, attending church, and going on mission
trips together.
During 2 short-term trips to South Dakota, Kevin and Maicey came in contact with the Lakota
people on the Pine Ridge reservation. There they served in the construction ministry and VBS. It
was Pine Ridge that inspired both of them for full-time missions, and they made the
commitment to full-time ministry shortly after.
Together they have 3 adorable kids, who are their closest disciples and greatest blessings.