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Approximately 100+ villages in the Arctic do not have an established Christian evangelical church, pastor or missionary presence. Many of these villages are only accessible by plane or boat and have few or no followers of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission is not complete in the Arctic! In response to this need, various Christian organizations send pastors and missionaries to live and minister among the indigenous people groups in rural Alaska and Northern Canada.

Unfortunately, many become quickly overwhelmed by the spiritual and physical challenges of living in a remote Arctic village. Some of the challenges they face include cross-cultural barriers, isolation, extreme weather, inadequate housing, insufficient medical care, and limited food or other supplies. In addition, statistics for this region indicate consistently high rates of addiction and suicide among villagers. With all these challenges, the locals often look to their village pastor or ministry leader for love, counsel, and spiritual formation. Some pastors persevere. Many burn out. Yet, there is hope!

God provides for these ministry families through the work and pastoral care programs of Arctic Barnabas Ministries. Pastoral care is a growing field of ministry that focuses on supporting and sustaining Christian leaders. Arctic Barnabas Ministries specializes in administering pastoral care to ministry families where the challenges of ministry and Arctic village life can be highly complex. The programs of Arctic Barnabas Ministries are designed to Shepherd, Equip, Serve, Refresh and Connect Christian ministry families who serve in remote villages throughout the North.


We cultivate trusting relationships with ministry leaders by offering life-giving communication and fellowship. God’s Word, prayer, and ongoing connection are routine platforms for spiritual formation to help families thrive in places where they minister.


No one can survive in remote Alaska without delivery of adequate supplies by air cargo. We help ministry families acquire proper tools and supplies that help them endure the elements of the Arctic. In addition, we equip them with resources for spiritual growth and ongoing physical health.


Volunteer work teams from ABM are sent during all seasons to serve ministry families in rural Alaska and Canada. Work team projects often include home weatherization, equipment repair, wild game processing, delivery of supplies, and more.


Ministry families need rest and refreshment. ABM provides retreat opportunities tailored to the unique needs of those serving in remote Alaska and Canada. Annual pastoral care retreats provide opportunities for rest, connection, and growth for the whole family.


Alaska Mission Connection is an outreach of ABM. It exists to facilitate connection among Christian churches, mission organizations and para-church organizations. AMC provides platforms for connections that foster unity, communication and encouragement among Christian evangelical leaders state-wide.


The geography, terrain, and absence of connecting roads in remote Alaska and Canada demand the use of airplanes. Arctic Barnabas Ministries' Aviation Department operates its own hangar and a small fleet of bush aircraft. These tools make it possible for our staff to connect and care for ministry families who live off the road system.

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"We always need help here at home base in Kenai"

With various projects in the hangar and in our office facility. Let us know of your interest in coming to Kenai to help us out. You might even enjoy some great salmon fishing on the Kenai River during your stay in town.