1st Women’s Retreat of 2014!

Spa and relaxation time for our retreat ladies!

ABM Update: “Influential Encounters” Women’s Retreat 2014

Retreat Location: Soldotna, Alaska (awesome log cabin setting)!

Retreat Participants: Wives, Missionaries & Pastors serving in bush Alaska.

Retreat Mission: To serve, encourage and provide a safe environment for spiritual growth and rest for women living and doing ministry in remote bush villages throughout Alaska.

What people are saying about the retreat….

“We have just concluded our first ladies retreat of the year entitled “Influential Encounters”. Our retreat study focused on 5 women in the lineage of Christ and how they were influential and engaged with those around them. We were able to watch the Lord connect with several ladies very deeply to break down some strongholds and things harbored. We saw Him even set one free from a stronghold as she realized for the first time she was not alone. I love getting to be a part of facilitating and watching the power of the Lord at work! IT WAS AWESOME! What a great privilege it is to hear these ladies hearts and get the opportunity to worship, open God’s Word together, and to pray for them and with them. I am soooo looking forward to seeing what God is going to do next!” -Kristi Dillingham https://thedillinghams.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/ladies-retreat-4/”


“Thank you! It was amazing to be served. You all did an amazing job!”
“My spiritual growth has changed me and made a BIG difference in returning home-Thank You!”
“I feel encouraged and blessed. I am ready to go home and plunge in again. I will remember the ripples of grace.”
“God softened my heart. I had lots of feelings I hadn’t taken time for. God allowed me to be still and listen.”
“I was expecting good food and fellowship with friends, a glimpse of God’s love for me, and worship through song. All were accomplished!”
“I will go home and focus on my relationship with God and not try to “fix” things. I will let God do it.”
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