Who We Are

Learn more about how we help advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout remote Alaska.

At Arctic Barnabas Ministries, we are passionate about equipping healthy, thriving leaders so they have the ability to lead healthy, thriving ministries! The vitality of village pastors, missionaries, and their families is critically important for the development and sustainability of healthy church communities.

We invite you to be blessed! Experience joy and eternal rewards as you partner with us in prayer and faithfully give to what God is doing to draw people to Himself in remote Alaska.

Our core values?


Everything we do is centered on Christ. We strive to have every plan and project come from the heart of God outward, not our plans brought to Him for His stamp of approval.


Being rooted in Christ, together we are yoked to Him. We strive to work in unity, love deeply, bear each other's burdens, give much grace, believe the best, speak the truth, and lay down our lives in service.”


As God loves his church, our first ministry responsibility is to our families. Husbands' sacrificial love to their wives and children is our first ministry.


The very core of our ministry work hinges on relationships. Deeply loving, freely forgiving, and serving wholeheartedly as we encourage one another for God’s glory.


We weigh our decisions in light of God’s standards. Recognizing the responsibility God has given us, we will use with care our time, money, talents, and resources for His Kingdom.

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