A Picture of Ministry in Alaska

The rhythms of life in Alaska and northern Canada are a blend of old and new world cultures. Even in a good-sized “outpost” town like Kenai (where ABM is located), there are signs of this type of life.  Fishing and hunting, chopping wood, maintaining vehicles, and helping others with home projects are not back-burner activities, but essential components of life across the seasons in northern communities.

Ministry families living in remote parts of the Arctic face complex challenges. A bush pastor in the Arctic has described his life and work as having “inner city needs in a third world environment.”  The needs among villagers are as varied as any inner city—emotional isolation; deteriorating housing; limited access to communications, groceries, and health care; lack of a regular police presence; and visible spiritual warfare—but the challenges are amplified by geographic isolation and weather conditions that rank among the most severe on the globe.

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To be certain, the challenges of living and ministering in the rural Arctic are rigorous, yet God calls people to these remote places…not just survive, but to thrive!  And we know that when God calls His people, He provides for them.  One way God provides is through the ministry work of Arctic Barnabas!  We invite you to partner with the Arctic Barnabas team through prayer and financial stewardship. Your gifts have an exponential impact as ABM reaches across denominational lines to help sustain pastors, missionaries, and their families in over 100 villages across the Arctic.

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