ABM Mission Aviation Update

ABM Pilots (center) Rob Dillingham and Paul Hadfield recently took 10 days for their flight re-currency training and evaluations at the JAARS Aviation facility in North Carolina.

Arctic Barnabas’ aviation team is poised to serve pastors and missionaries in rural Alaska in a variety of ways with our aircraft. Since most of Alaska is not accessible except through the air, we have airplanes to take us to the people we serve. All rural villages in Alaska have a runway for us to land on. We operate two different airplanes that each fill a unique niche here in Alaska. Our Cessna 206 has a healthy payload with landing gear rugged enough to handle some of Alaska’s roughest airstrips. Our twin engine Piper Aztec is well-suited for our ever changing weather, and it is able to handle the less-than-perfect conditions that are typical here.

With the added safety of two engines, we are able to fly the Aztec to some of the island communities where pastors and missionaries are serving. To be able to transport a family that is tirelessly serving in “bush” Alaska to a needed retreat is tremendously rewarding. Recently I was able to bring an entire family to our Ministry Family Retreat. The parents were looking forward to a relaxing time where they did not have to prepare anything, and the kids were looking to connect with friends they only get to see in person once a year.To use the aviation skills we have developed over the years to bring much-needed personal contact with the outside world is a blessing. We in aviation are the ones privileged with delivering goods and assistance to weary families. Thank you to our ministry partners and friends whose prayers and giving make our flying safe!

-Paul Hadfield, ABM Missionary Pilot and Aviation Team Leader To go to the ABM Aviation Department go to arcticbarnabas.org/donate Thanks for giving!

Posted by: at 2:08 am on December 14th, 2015