ABM Staff Spotlight on the Wilkinsons

This week we’re excited to give voice to one of our staff couples, Bill and Susan Wilkinson, who serve pastors and missionaries through hospitality. They are such a great example of joyfully stewarding their own gifts for others. Below are a few words from Mighty Bill and Susan.

“Serving those who serve—what a wild thought! And we, of all people! That’s what went through our minds as God began calling us to provide a place for pastors, missionaries and their families to relax, refresh and renew. And in HOMER, ALASKA of all places.

As we talked to many pastors and missionaries, we learned ministering itself can be difficult and draining. Remote Alaska can also be a hard and dark place to minister with temperatures as low as -60 and a darkness that is both physical and spiritual. Suicide and abuse rates that are off the charts add to the stress. Those ministering really do need a place to get away, be still and renew.

We also learned that, just like in the Bible, sometimes God calls the least likely. Then He gets the credit and the glory. God isn’t looking for the most spiritual, the best and brightest. He is looking for available and trusting followers willing to say as Isaiah did, “Here I am, Lord; send me”.

So here we are at our home in Homer,  Alaska called Light On The Hill. We are committed to the Lord to serving those whose serve Jesus in remote areas. We offer a place where families can come and reconnect with each other and the Lord. They can relax and be refreshed and renewed.” -Bill & Susan Wilkinson

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