Arctic Barnabas Ministries Receives Aviation Award!

On Wednesday, February 19th, Paul and I (center photo), together with Kyle and Ellen Braband of MARC, flew in the 206 to Anchorage for an awards banquet hosted by Alaska Air Carriers Association at the Captain Cook Hotel. We went on behalf of the ABM team to receive an award for our team’s emergency response efforts toward the citizens of Galena in the wake of last spring’s flood that devastated their village. ABM was one of five parties to receive the emergency response award; others were MARC, Samaritan’s Purse, Adam White, and Faith Bible Fellowship of Anchorage. Each of these parties was awarded for having provided a rescue, transport, or other contribution over a period of time that exemplified professionalism and expediency in the saving of lives. ABM was specifically commended for responding within three days of evacuation from the flood in Galena and throughout the 2013 summer as the community worked to recover from the devastation.

AACA state, “From shopping for building supplies to flying in work teams and materials to providing temporary housing for Galena residents and pets, ABM was filling gaps all summer long. One of the most critical gaps you filled was providing a way for people to donate to an on-the-ground local organization. Within three days of the evacuation you set up a link on your web page so people could donate to Galena Bible Church. As a result, many needs that didn’t qualify under FEMA or State disaster relief were met through the over $60,000 donated through the ABM web page….The people of Galena say that your generosity after the initial crisis may well have saved lives from depression by the loss of hope.”

It was an enormous honor to receive that award on behalf of our team. I recalled the many ways our team had pitched in: flying volunteers out to help clean up; hosting the pastor and his family during their transition; caring for pets; setting up the relief fund; cooking freezer meals; countless calls, texts, and emails expressing love and support; and many prayers lifted before the Throne of Grace. All of these added up to be a huge blessing to our friends in Galena. The thing that surprised me was the degree of impact we made because I never thought of us as doing anything heroic, just the ordinary acts of service that go along with our particular ministry calling. But what I learned was that GOD, using us as mere instruments, did something exceptional, yielding results in people’s lives that were grander than any of us expected. What a privilege that God lets us partner with Him in His work! What a joy to serve a God who does BIG things to bless people!

-Missionsary Staff Sara Hadfield

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