Around the ABM Hangar…

Hey Friends of ABM! This week we’re checking in with our aviation department to see what’s new with ABM Pilots Paul & Rob and ABM Aviation Mechanic Pete.

Here’s a short list of a few projects from the last month in our hangar…

  • ABM aviation tech Pete Ekle reinstalled an overhauled cylinder on the Twin Comanche, a 4-seat multi-engine aircraft with 160 horse power engines.  It has recently been used to connect ABM staff to bush villages.
  • Our aviation team also overhauled and installed landing gear on our Piper Lance. The Lance was donated to ABM and has required extensive maintenance to make it airworthy. This 6-seater carries a heavy load, making it useful for transporting passengers and supplies into remote locations.  After the Lance has passed inspections and met airworthiness standards, ABM leadership will determine whether to put this plane into service, sell it, or lease it.
  • ABM Pilot Paul Hadfield took the Cessna 206 to Galena to bring supplies for a missionary family to use for their garden. He then flew the family out of the village to attend a mission conference in Anchorage. On the heels of that trip, Paul and his wife and kids flew to King Salmon in the 206 to visit a pastor and his wife. You’ll get to hear more about that trip soon!

We at ABM are continually thankful for the aviation team members that God has brought to our team–pilots and mechanics who enable our staff to safely and effectively serve ministry families in their own territory in remote Alaska and Canada. 
Please pray for our Aviation Department…

  • Team unity, safety, and professionalism
  • Discernment regarding which planes to maintain, use, sell, or lease
  • Funding for the maintenance needs of our new-to-ABM Piper Aztec