Certainty in Uncertain Times

This week we’re excited to give voice to one of our ABM staff, Ranada Hassemer! I hope you will be encouraged as you read her reflections on how God recycles our story to encourage those we come across.

Ranada Selfie 2015

“Ever wonder why God placed you precisely where you are at this moment in time, why He presents trials in your life that for a time bring consuming thoughts of anxiety, fear, or frustration? You believe and trust in God’s promises, but this trial brings questions of its purpose. If you faithfully serve Him, how could this trial possibly be a part of the plan?

Recently, Mike and I hosted a couple in our home while they awaited results on medical tests that could possibly reveal a life-threatening diagnosis. To those of you who have faced those hours and days of waiting, you understand the questions that start flooding your mind. This ministry couple spent those days rehearsing scenarios of the possible outcome, along with the most recent medical options for cure or treatment. As they gained more information, the looming cloud of uncertainty increased and added more questions. They shared their concerns and fears with us. We allowed them the safety to voice those human responses to the situation. As the Spirit led, we could remind them of God being in the midst of it all, whatever the outcome.

Our personal experience with an almost identical situation nearly ten years ago, enabled us to come alongside to comfort and encourage because we understood what they were going through. We shared that the only way we found true comfort and peace through that trial came from God’s Word. We gave testimony of being overwhelmed with uncertainty until we refocused on the only certainty we had—God’s love and all-encompassing provision.

As I put fresh linens on the bed, I glanced in the guest book we always leave in the room. I found two notes they wrote, “You gave us comfort in a time of stress and uncertainty – PRICELESS!” and “Such a blessing to have a place to come and stay. This has been the most stressful time in our lives and your hospitality and comforting words have been so helpful. Thank you for being there for us.”

How often wouldn’t we like to eliminate the trials we or others face? Those “comforting words” we shared with them came from God Himself in His sovereignty, wisdom, and promises—the only certainty to which we can hold fast. For times when uncertainty may temporarily overwhelm any of us, we can trust God to place each of us where we can stand in that gap for others or they can stand in that gap to encourage us.

Who has God placed in your path at this time? Is it someone who is currently overwhelmed by a trial, maybe even much like one He placed in your life? Is it someone He enabled to encourage you?

Share your story. Share the reminders God brought to remind you of how much He loves and cares for you and for others through you. This brings glory to God for all the peace and comfort only He can give, no matter what the outcome may be.

As I prepare the guest room for the next guests He brings, I am truly thankful to serve Him in this place at this time.” -Ranada Hassemer, ABM Staff Missionary