Grocery Shopping Alaskan Style…

Last week as many of us were posting fun pictures of vacationing, rest and travel something quite unique started to pop up on our Facebook newsfeed…photos and posts of several Alaskan bush village pastors and missionaries preparing for their coming year of ministry. And where else to go to stock up for a year’s worth of food than Costco!?

Out of sheer curiosity we asked one pastor to describe his process and here’s what he said, “This is called a Bush resident jigsaw puzzle. Our crate with all of our groceries is only about a third full in the picture. We filled it completely. We take our groceries from Fairbanks to Nenana and load them on a barge that takes three days to get to Galena when it leaves. Our crate is over 4000lbs.”-Chris Kopp, Alaskan Village Pastor

Preparing for winter is something that comes earlier than most would expect for those who serve in ministry in bush Alaska. Please pray this week for them as they stock up and prepare their hearts for a coming season of wintery ministry. Pray also for our ministry team here at Arctic Barnabas Ministries; that we would be able to Equip, Shepherd, Connect, Refresh and Serve bush village ministry families so that they can continue in ministry and thrive as families.