Lasting Connections

Last week ABM missionaries Paul and Sara Hadfield, along with their boys Aaron and Nate and friend Taylor, took a short-term care trip to visit two neighboring bush villages on the Bristol Bay.

The objective was to connect with and encourage several ministry families who serve in very small, remote locations off the road system. Their primary stop was spent with a new pastor and his wife who have been serving a small church for only six months.

Sara remarked that it was a joy visiting with these dear servants of God and seeing their hearts for the community where God has placed them. In reflecting back on their mission trip, Sara wrote…

“During one of our afternoons together, the pastor took us on a road trip to a nearby village to visit some other ministry families we have been acquainted with for some time. Even though both villages are located off the road system, there is one stretch of road that connects the two. It was my first time in either of those villages and I had a chance to finally see our ministry friends on their own turf.

One highlight of our visit was the chance to invite several missionary families to a dinner we hosted along with the pastor and his wife at their church. We visited with four families at one time, catching up on news, hearing how the Lord is working in their villages, and just enjoying fellowship. Paul and I saw how God used the occasion to nurture connection and relationships between families who serve in different ministries but live in close proximity. I left our time on the Bristol Bay thankful to God for both new and deepened friendships that formed over shared stories, laughter, tears, and prayer.

On our flight home, we stopped by the village of Port Alsworth to check in on several other ministry friends and to deliver groceries. I spent time connecting with women there who serve in ministry. I also was honored to pray with a couple of them who were facing some difficult things that day. And what a joy to see smiles of delight over fresh fruit delivered in the middle of winter—something we often take for granted in our modern community.

We pray that the ministry family relationships along Bristol Bay will continue to grow even more, as the Christians who serve side-by-side serve as important sources of support for one another.”

-Sara Hadfield, ABM Missionary Staff