Merry Christmas from ABM

Merry Christmas!!  Is Christmas MERRY at your house, or is it stressful, hurried and not very joyous at all?  We as believers have much for which to be grateful, especially during this season.  How unimaginable it is to think that our Heavenly Father sent His only Son to live among humanity so that we might have a way to be reconciled to his perfection and holiness.  Of over 7 billion souls currently on planet Earth, a very small percentage have heard of Jesus, let alone know He is the only hope, only peace and only way to relationship with our Creator.  As your missionaries to remote Alaska and Canada, team Arctic Barnabas is working to see healthy, thriving ministers in the many villages.  We are asking God for revival to sweep across the North!  We are asking God to remove hearts of stone and replace them with hearts of flesh. Would you join us in asking God to move mightily during this Christmas season? 

As deep winter approaches, sub-zero temperatures, rapidly changing weather patterns, whiteouts and rugged terrain make travel treacherous.  We are flying small aircraft through these dynamic environments to bring hope, relief, logistical support, supplies and food to isolated mission workers throughout Alaska so they and their ministries thrive.  The needs of pastors and missionaries in the bush don’t stop. In fact, winter only intensifies the struggle as families endeavor to stay warm and survive.  Isolation takes a significant emotional toll. The cost of living is high.  Alaska’s native villages have some of the highest suicide rates in the world. Families and communities are devastated when their sons and daughters drown their sorrows with alcohol. Your support and encouragement can help these pastors and missionaries effectively thrive instead of merely survive the heartache.  The battle is constant. Spiritual warfare is real. It is easy for workers to become discouraged. Please pray with us as we provide emotional and spiritual support, supplies, and rejuvenating retreats for pastors and missionaries when they need it most.

Thank you for all the many ways you partner with us! May you rejoice in what God is doing, and may your Christmas season be filled with great joy, awe and worship as you reflect on Jesus, the Messiah, coming to provide the way back to God.

-Jonathan Peters, ABM Executive Director