Missionary Spotlight: The Mowerys!

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ABM Missionaries: Mark & Rose Mowery + 4 kiddos

Purpose: Connect, Encourage, Support & Outfit ministry families serving in Alaska.

Distance Travelled: Approximately 1,100 miles by car from Kenai, Alaska to Fairbanks and back.

Pastors/Missionaries Served: The Mowery family visited with and ministered to approximately 10 pastor and missionary families. A few of the places they stopped include: Anchorage, Delta, Nenana, Tok, Gakona, North Pole, & Fairbanks.

From December 26th to January 4th Mark, Rose and their 4 boys drove over 1,000 miles bringing food, encouragement and connection to about 10 different pastor and missionary families! Some of whom live and serve in isolated environments. But God sees his people, those serving in cities and those serving off the grid and He provides just what is needed in unique ways. The Mowery family came back with several amazing stories of God’s work and each stop seemed perfectly timed by God.

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Here’s some of what Mark & Rose had to say as they reflected on their trip….”We left the day after Christmas and drove to Anchorage and did some shopping at Costco for the missionary families. All families we visited enjoyed fresh fruit for gifts. One of the first stops we made was to visit a ministry family serving at a Christian radio station. The radio station is currently short on staff so these missionaries are at the radio station most of the time and don’t have much company. He is also blind and so it is difficult for them to get out much. They were really happy to have some two-way, fact-to-face communication and encouragement. Another ministry family we visited a few days later leads a Bible study, community outreach and they also travel back and forth between villages for ministry. They seemed very happy to have company and mentioned several times about how lonely and isolated it is where they live. They mentioned that they would love to have a family come and take over one of their Bible studies so that they could stay in one place full time….after our visit we moved on to another family who has four boys that are the same age as our older boys. They had fun playing while we discussed their ministry and how we can be a resource for them, and they to us in ministering to other villages and pastors around the state. We were able to mention a need to them that we’d heard from another pastor the day prior that he would love to have a break from teaching for a week or two. This family said they would call him right away and see what they could do to help. This is my vision for our ministry here in Alaska with ABM; to be able to connect the body of Christ that is separated by remoteness to meet the needs of those in the bush that the Body may be joined together in spite of the distance and cold. It was exciting to see God working through us to make this connection and support happen. We praise God for the safety, the vehicle running well, and especially the new brothers and sisters in Christ that we met along the way.”

Ephesians 4:4a “There is one body and one Spirit…”