Prevent Summer Slump!

School’s out in Alaska and folks are enjoying our beautiful Alaskan summer! No doubt you have planned some fun activities for your summer also. Amid summer’s         enjoyments, we find that unfortunately, financial support to ABM consistently drops.  This presents a challenge since summer is a busy ministry season for us.

This summer we will take teams to remote villages to fix up a church and parsonage. In each location, the pastor and his family are busy putting up fish for the coming year, leading kids’ Bible camps, and ministering the grace of Jesus to their communities. In each village, the pastor welcomes our help, knowing he can tend to the spiritual needs of his community and prepare for the soon coming winter.  You can help us be there for them!

Throughout June and July you can help us “Prevent Summer Slump” by heading to our website and making a new or additional financial gift. Simply click here to give today.

Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you as you help us carry on our important ministry all summer long. Keep our aircraft fuel tanks full, and we’ll keep flying!Give