Summer Impact Trip: Kodiak Island

On the evening of August 10th ABM missionaries Pete Ekle and Jim Hibbard boarded a truck filled with construction materials and food onto a ferry bound for Kodiak Island, Alaska. They had received word that a pastor and his wife had a home in need of some significant repair. Our team decided to serve this ministry couple by sending a work team before winter set in. While on the ferry, Pete prayed for the strength he knew he’d need to get the job done in just 10 days.

The ferry trip was smooth enough for Pete and Jim to sleep through the night during the 10 hour transport. For the following 10 days the ABM team, pastor and his wife all worked tirelessly on re-roofing and re-siding a home that had been transported to Kodiak after a tsunami had destroyed its place of origin. As Pete and the ministry family continued work on the outside of the house, Jim worked inside and was able to complete several electrical and lighting projects needing some serious attention.
In spite of rain and cold, the team moved forward until all the materials for roofing and siding had been completely used! The work done was great and they accomplished more than they had anticipated. Now this pastor and wife have a home properly weatherized for another winter on Kodiak!
Finished projects like this are a huge blessing of both resources and man power when one considers the limitations of living in these rural/bush village communities. Service Projects are a part of what we do to serve and support pastors and missionaries who live in remote Arctic communities. None of these work-based ministry trips would be possible without the support and prayers of our Ministry Partners! Thank you!
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