Jim & Louise Williams

Administrator Director & Finance Manager

Jim & Louise have been married for 20 years as of August 2023.  Jim serves as the Associate Pastor of Youth and Discipleship at College Heights Baptist Church.  They have three boys: Henry, 17, Wyatt, 15, and Hunter, 11.  They are very active in many sports and other organizations.  They have lived all over the US and have even served in Ukraine as Missionaries. They have always had a love for the outdoors and a heart for Alaska and are glad that God has brought them back.

Louise has over 13 years of various financial and administrative experience, specialized in office management, bookkeeping, and payroll. Many of those years have been spent working with non-profit organizations.  She started her career working with Clover Pass Community Church, located in Ketchikan, AK. God has blessed her with both a passion and an aptitude for finance and administration, and she gives Him all the credit and glory.  She loves to come alongside ministries and help them further the Kingdom of God with their financial stewardship. She’s excited that God has allowed them to serve Him at ABM and encourage the pastors and missionary families in AK as they live out their callings.