Ward & Megan Hurlburt

Regional Staff - Bristol Bay

We are Ward and Megan Hurlburt. We have two little girls, Ellie and Erin. Megan grew up in Dillingham, Alaska and Ward lived many places but has his roots in Naknek, Alaska. We met at Tanalian Bible Camp and connected over wanting to see Jesus’ light shine through Alaska. We both have a love for flying and airplanes. As newlyweds Ward and Megan jumped right into youth ministry in Dillingham and after several years realized we needed some professional skills. We knew shining Jesus’ light in Bristol Bay was still our calling and found ourselves flying to Dillingham at every chance while working in Anchorage. We decided to make the move. we put our belongings on the barge and drove down to Soldotna for Northern Ministry training where we found confirmation that ABM should be our ministry platform.

Ward studied at Letourneau in Longview, Texas where he received his Bachelor’s degree in aviation. Ward holds his commercial flight certification and ratings with an A&P for airplane maintenance. He currently works for Guardian as a medivac pilot. The hours and time frame allow him to serve Arctic Barnabas and provide for his family down in Dillingham. Megan is a dietitian. She holds a Bachelor’s degree as a registered dietitian. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.