The Aztec Makes Her Ferry Flight!

The Aviation Department is excited to welcome the newest member to the ABM Fleet, the Piper Aztec. ABM pilots Paul Hadfield and Rob Dillingham flew out to Coshocton, Ohio where the Piper Aztec was receiving its annual inspection with MMS (Missionary Maintenance Services). After receiving the Aztec, they spent about three days flying back to Alaska from Ohio.

In recalling their trip Rob remarked, “The immensity and flatness of mid-western Canada was impressive, but as we flew west the next morning, the scenery began to remind us of Alaska!  We made our way back into Alaska after a very long day two, but due to weather considerations and the time of day, we cleared customs in Fairbanks.  Since it was the end of a long day, we opted to stay overnight there and connected with three pastors we care for from Nenana who happened to be in Fairbanks overnight, too.  We enjoyed food together and a few hours of conversation, making the Aztec’s ferry flight its inaugural ministry flight as well!  The next morning we enjoyed a relatively short flight home  with clear blue skies in the Kenai area.   We are excited by the addition of an IFR twin to our fleet once again! I’m looking forward to the IFR (instrument) and expanded night capability, as well as the multi-engine ability to go directly to more places, including over-water destinations like Kodiak Island.”

The staff at ABM are excited for the addition of the Piper Aztec. We are praying for several generous ministry partners who would give funds toward its remaining maintenance projects.

To give toward the maintenance of the Piper Aztec, click here and select “Wings for Barnabas”.