The Joys and Challenges of Transition

Dear Readers,

This week we have a special message from Jonathan Peters who served as our Executive Director for the past 8 years. Take a moment to hear what he has to say and join with us in thanking God for their service, wisdom and leadership.

A Message from ABM Executive Director, Jonathan Peters

Walking with Christ is an adventure!  This past April I drove 5,500 miles from Alaska to the Pacific Northwest and back with my oldest daughter, Abby, in just ten days.  What an adventure!  Throughout the trip, I noticed a theme of change.  There were several changes God showed me: 1) Abby has her driver’s permit, drove over 600 miles of our journey, and is quickly growing and changing into a young lady.  2) We passed into spring.  Alaska and Northern Canada were very brown and white, still in late winter.  The further south we traveled, the greener and warmer it became, reaching the mid-80’s at our destination. I saw a cold  winter change into a very warm spring in just a few days.  3) We changed out six flat trailer tires—worn and deteriorated from the harsh road, time and elements—with new, solid, sturdy rubber and steel able to hold air pressure. 4) I saw my attitude and outlook change from anxiousness and concern into trust, surrender and increased abiding in the One True Vine, Jesus. Truly, the only constant in life is change; it is all around us.

Psalm 35:9-10 reads, “Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in His      salvation.  My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, O Lord?”

Another change is coming.  God has made it clear He has something else for our family—a new adventure, a different ministry and a call to make ourselves available for His next assignment.  Turning ABM over to new leadership, God is asking us to step out in complete trust and faith in Him.  So after almost 10 years with ABM, we are in transition.  Please know that there is nothing out of the normal, issues of disagreement or questions of integrity at ABM that would cause this change.  I am confident God has big plans for ABM in the coming years.

Being part of the team and serving the board, staff and supporters these past years has been a great joy!  Thank you so very much for your trust, support and friendship!

My joyful expectation is that you would embrace the adventure God has for you, trust Him with your whole heart, and seek to abide with him so that you too will exclaim, “Who is like you, O Lord?”

Only in Jesus,

Jonathan Peters