The Sound of Encouragement

Energy surged through my body while standing outside the Arctic Barnabas Ministries hangar. A few minutes earlier, Paul’s announcement echoed down the office hallway, “we are getting ready to start the Aztec engine!”

A chilly morning welcomed our presence as we poured out the door in anticipation to hear the sound of a metal roaring lion. Months of hard work by our team raising funds, removing the engine, rebuilding it, working on the plane, installing the rebuild (and the list goes on) brought us to this moment.

After a warning to keep our distance, the push of a button brought the sound of music to our ears. “Yes”, we cheered! “Thank You, Lord,” sprang from our lips. A spinning propeller, roaring engine, and the smell of AV gas fumes lifted our hearts. Our go to, all-weather, twin-engine plane would soon be back in our three-aircraft fleet helping us put support systems in place enabling missionary families to focus on making disciples in their villages.

At that moment, I thought about you, our partners who make it possible for ABM to strengthen and encourage over 100 missionary families in more than 100 villages across Alaska and Northern Canada. Our partnership results in transformed lives and communities. Thank you for moving the kingdom of God forward across the Arctic.

So, what does encouragement sound like? Well, it can sound like a rebuilt engine on an airplane firing for the first time but it’s certainly much more. It sounds like you praying, giving, going, and sharing to make sure there is an organization called Arctic Barnabas Ministries to strengthen and encourage missionaries. It sounds like missionary families living in hard places building trusting relationships, sharing the gospel and investing in people to make disciples. It sounds like the Lord blessing our efforts for Him.

Encouragement comes through being on the front row watching a heavenly concert where God’s instruments are all playing their part in an orchestra conducted by our Lord on a world stage. It sounds like you, Arctic Barnabas and missionary families being better together for our God!


Jim Hamilton