“Healthy, thriving leaders leading healthy, thriving ministries.”

The tag/quote above isn’t just catchy, its our new battle cry around the ABM office and hangar nowadays. Most of us have either experienced or read about the impact of healthy, solid, leadership. Thus, the ever growing awareness and need for on-field Christian Leader Care. There are lots of ways to feed into the lives of good leaders beyond the simple thank you card and Starbucks card. But Leader Care becomes especially complex in remote places like the Arctic where resources and consistent contact are few and far between.

 In spite of these challenges, God provides. Last week a team from Arctic Barnabas Ministries traveled up to the villages of Galena and Huslia in central Alaska. These two places are home to some dynamic pastor and missionary families who live off the road system. 

While our team visited, they were able to connect with several of these Christian leaders as they went about their daily routines of maintaining both their ministries and their Arctic living life-style. Our team helped with maintenance projects, wood cutting, and childcare, and in the evenings we spent valuable time one-on-one time encouraging and praying with several pastors and missionaries.

 In reflecting on this trip, ABM staff Pete Ekle writes, “I think the long lasting effect, though, is that in their minds they know there will be another time when we come to fellowship and help again and again. That has to be comforting. After all, we were invited back.” 

Encouraging Christian leaders on their own turf is one of the greatest joys of Arctic Barnabas Ministries staff. It gives opportunity for discipleship, refreshment, connection and service in the context of their story. Thank you to our ministry partners who help make this happen week after week!


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