To the Edge

Spring breakup offers ABM staff opportunities for more travel in and around remote Alaska. Recently, ABM staffers Pete and Betsy Ekle (seen above) and their kids took advantage of the budding spring weather and traveled out to the village of Dillingham to encourage Pastor Simon Flynn and his wife, Abigail (seen below).

After a short plane ride, the Ekles settled into the Flynns’ guest room and then took to the shore for an afternoon walk with their hosts. The Flynns shared what life is like in Dillingham, explained how their port works and even got to showcase a large pod of white beluga whales!

The following two days were spent together eating, connecting and discussing the Flynns’ growing ministry, including how God is using them to nurture several church plants in neighboring villages. The Ekles experienced first-hand a vibrant church community in Dillingham. Betsy commented, “What was most humbling was the remarkable amount of contentment and hope in the lives of people living in the community. What a challenge to live simply, in community with others and with gratitude to God.”

Over breakfast on their final morning together, the Ekles were able to encourage the Flynns in their personal lives and service to others living in remote Alaska. Pete and Betsy are thankful for the time they spent with their friends and look forward to providing continued pastoral care to the Flynns and couples like them serving in locations far off the road system.

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