Winter Ministry @ Kodiak

Collage for Blog Feb 7th

Ministry Trip Destination: Port Lions located on Kodiak Island, Alaska. 250 miles one way by ferry boat (and it was bumpy, but not too bad).

Ministry Team: ABM Missionaries Kristi, Rob & Leah Dillingham, Becky Peters, Sarah Hadfield & Rose Mowery.

Ministry Trip Purpose: To provide several days of on-field pastoral care & lay staff ministry support to Pastor Ron and his wife Jean serving in Port Lions, Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Kristi Dillingham reported the following about their trip…

“We arrived, by ferry, in Port Lions/Kodiak Island early in the morning, just as dawn was breaking. The Kodiak islands reminded me a lot of the Hawaiian islands with tall lush trees and moisture filling the air- just not quite so warm- but very beautiful!

The moment we pulled into the driveway the pastor’s wife happened to be outside, waiting for us. We were warmly welcomed & soon set to our ministry work partnering with Pastor Ron & Jean. Some of the ways we ministered included:

1.Helping Jean with a quilting outreach to women in the village for several evenings.
2.Ministering through singing special music at their church.
3.Rob ministered on Sunday by sharing his testimony and about his work with ABM.
4.Rob also spent time with Pastor Ron helping in the shop and offering one-on-one support & encouragement as they discussed ministry and life.
5.We spent time listening, praying with and encouraging Pastor Ron & his wife Jean as they shared their story and the challenges they face as they pastor on Kodiak Island.

Port Lions Collage blog

At the end of our ministry trip we had a chance to spend some time praying together and Pastor Ron shared with us that he had been reading one of our ABM t-shirts that somebody had been wearing and the thought occurred to him, “the shirt says ABM strengthens and encourages and thats exactly what happened.” We left them feeling encouraged by our visit and ready to continue on. On our way home I got an email from the pastor who wrote:

You all blessed us so much! ABM is in my mind a critical part of the Gospel effort in Alaska. I know speaking for Jean and I, it’s entirely possible the ministering of ABM to us has made the difference…. Having Rob here to hang out with was priceless to me and I know the same is true for Jean with you, Rose, Becky, and Sarah. even Leah (sp) was a real part of the blessing and joy you all brought us.
Looking forward to seeing you all again!!!! -Ron.

To read the whole story about the ABM Kodiak Island, Port Lions Ministry trip please visit the Dillingham’s blog!