Women’s Winter Retreat 2015

Last week Arctic Barnabas Ministries hosted a women’s retreat that fed into the lives of several women currently serving in ministry in rural, bush Alaska. Some travelled a distance equivalent to driving from Michigan to South Carolina just to have a few days of rest, connection, and teaching with ABM! Wow!

This year our women’s retreat teaching and small group discussion focused on several women from the Bible and concepts from the book Mud & the Masterpiece by John Burke. Every day ABM hosted teaching sessions, worship, and small group time specifically tailored toward the unique needs of those who live and do ministry in some of the most harsh and isolated environments in the world. The retreat also included time for connection, rest, dental visits, haircuts, and a little time to shop in real stores! It is humbling for our staff to serve, minister, and provide these women with a few  simple luxuries (like running water) that we so often take for granted. We are certain that the attendees’ time away left them ready to return home to face the challenges of living and serving off the grid in their villages.

 Here’s what they had to say about their retreat with ABM…

“Thank you for picking these ladies in the Bible (to study). It was what I needed to hear and see that God has not forgotten me.”-Anon

“Thank you for taking us all over town where we needed to go. Thanks for giving me a free haircut… Thank you for giving us time to share with each other.” -Anon

 “Every wall left in place AFTER all God had spoken to me came down around my feet (during communion & foot washing). Thank you for that!” -Anon

ABM serves multiple Christian congregations and mission organizations through Ministry Leader Care.  The more we do our work at ABM, the more we realize how God uses the Body of Christ, together, to extend his love story out to the world.  It is our deepest hope and prayer to see ministry families in bush Alaska and Canada not just survive, but thrive!