December 2019

Joy to the World Emmanuel is Here Every December, for the past twenty-two years, I celebrated a birthday that forever changed my life in the most wonderful ways—the day Joy was born into the world. Literally, my little sister Joy was born this month, and I firmly believe God specifically named her because of her […]

Ministry Family Retreat 2019

Have you ever worked yourself into exhaustion where your work seems so ineffective, and no amount of sleep can fix it? It’s fatigue from deep within your soul. Exhaustion is but one aspect of burnout. Burnout is far too common in every mission field around the world. With the added struggles of long nights and […]

Fall 2019 Outpost

ABM Summer Activity Update April April 8-13, Ministry Director Dave and Career Staff member Jeffrey traveled to Bethel to scout out work projects for the summer. They fellowshipped with the ministry families while lending a hand with some of their project needs. They connected with Moravian Pastors, the VFCM radio station, and the Covenant Church. […]

Lingering Days of Summer

School started last week, and that ordinarily signals the end of summer. Many people enjoyed our unusually hot summer. We set a record for the lowest amount of precipitation this summer–barely exceeding 2 inches. Now wildfires plague our state. Fire season has been extended from August 31 until September 30 because of the extremely dry […]

Contest Winners Announced

ABM recently offered two opportunities to win an Alaska Wild Berry Wilderness Meat and Cheese gift package filled with genuine Alaskan treats. Contestants signed up to receive our email and print newsletters. Winners from the first contest are: Daniel Crumley Jennifer Hamilton Winners who signed up during the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh include: Misty Evans […]

The Sound of Encouragement

Energy surged through my body while standing outside the Arctic Barnabas Ministries hangar. A few minutes earlier, Paul’s announcement echoed down the office hallway, “we are getting ready to start the Aztec engine!” A chilly morning welcomed our presence as we poured out the door in anticipation to hear the sound of a metal roaring […]

ABM’s Piper Aztec Needs an Engine!

Here’s an opportunity for you—make it fly! The Piper Aztec (one of our main aircraft) makes it possible for ABM staff to carry out our mission and vision by making more flights to remote villages, even in adverse weather conditions. The Aztec needs an engine rebuilt as it approaches the “time before overhaul” limit of […]

Volunteers & Donors add value to MFR 2018

A dental team from Michigan, a children’s ministry team from Pennsylvania, a teen ministry team from Oregon, a worship team from Colorado, and a beautician and photographer from Alaska all ministered to the Christian pastors and missionaries and their families during the 17th annual Ministry Family Retreat Oct. 1-5 at Victory Bible Camp in moose […]

Ministry Family Retreat 2018

“Amazing” was the word used most often to describe Arctic Barnabas Ministries’ 17th annual Ministry Family Retreat Oct. 1-5 at Victory Bible Camp near Sutton, Alaska. The 16 pastors’ and missionaries’ families from the “Bush” of remote Alaska and Northern Canada gathered with a similar number from Arctic Barnabas for a week filled with rousing […]

Help Prevent Summer Slump

Get set for some great news! Already this year, Arctic Barnabas visited 18 bush villages for ministry opportunities, made 60 face-to-face visits with ministry leaders, provided 2 retreats, hosted 20 ministry families for R & R at Light on the Hill Alaska and provided counseling services for fifteen leaders. We look forward to a busy […]